You Wealth Revolution Shift 2012

A Global Intention Movement For Wealth, Health and Joy!

This all starts today… Feb. 21st for the first time in history since this has never been done before. I listened in this afternoon @ 3:00 my time (central standard time). It was the first call and will be repeated later this evening. I will most likely listen in again. Yes, I liked it that much! I know I sounded skeptical of this event in my earlier post, but thankfully I was proven wrong. Darius Barazandeh was the nicest and most generous host, though he is also the Founder and Transformational Leader. Today I also learned:

Darius Barazandeh has inspired people in over 100+ countries connect to the greatness and the gifts they have within them. Darius has been trained in numerous schools of thought: business, economics, law, eastern and western thought. He holds an MBA in Finance, is a licensed attorney and a master NLP practitioner, author and transformational expert.



He is the founder of the transformational You Wealth Revolution – SHIFT 2012 a life-changing Intention Project that is AWAKENING people in more than 100 different counties to become more conscious and more connected to their spiritual gifts.

His breakthrough discovery of 'Eleutheria'(TM), Wealth Through Oneness and the Six Figure Partnership Formula are becoming well known for creating near instant changes in clarity, and the healing of emotional and financial blocks.

Darius is a leader, visionary, hypnotheripist, NLP master, and your teacher, guide and host during this amazing consciousness and intention movement. 

Darius performed a clearing exercise for everyone on the call today and went into more detail of his story. I like when people can open up freely about themselves. It shows great character and something I myself, am still working on. I especially liked to hear that he too went out on a limb with reckless abomdonment and found himself lost in the shuffle. Whew! Sigh of relief for me… I'm not the only one! I like taking risk, but lately I seem to be falling flat on my face and it's my birthday! (My best whiney voice) Listening to this call was a blessing to me and I consider it a gift from the universe. Thank you! I no longer feel so alone and just maybe… I'm on the right track afterall!

All my doubts seem to have vanished… maybe it was the clearing excercise? Regardless, I am now a believer in this great cause and want as many of you to join in this movement as possible. The more people we can reach out and connect to the better for the planet! I know this may sound crazy, but that's what I love about it. Let's face it. I'm not right at all. That is why I spend so much time finding ways to improve. Only, on this call I discovered it's okay to be me. God made us all perfect in his own way, right?. My energy was certainly raised through this call( though I didn't notice it at first) and I do feel lighter as a result. This has been a good day and a great experience…

Don't miss this chance to transform yourself and the world around you!

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 You Wealth Revolution

During This Call You Will Learn:

  • Why 64,659 people and growing are part of this movement
  • How this movement will shift your life…
  • The science behind what we are doing to create your powerful TRANSFORMATION
  • Why people will be talking about this for years to come!
  • How to use the 'Intention Circle' to create the LIFE you DESERVE
  • How to instantly raise your energetic set point
  • How you can have your MAGICAL life now
  •  And MORE…

?JoIn us. You won't regret it!

 You Wealth Revolution

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