Reminding You Of Your Greatness…

You are here on this planet to manifest your greatness. If you are experiencing struggle, the problem is that WHO YOU ARE – your Authentic non-physical Self –  is already great but you don’t know that yet.

Another way to look at this is imagine the seed of the oak tree. Everything that defines the oak tree is already in the acorn. Unlike us, the acorn does not live under the illusion that it needs to be something else or needs to strive towards an accomplishment that is not in its nature.

Your Inherent Greatness is your soul, your Authentic non-physical Self, stripped of all the conditioning, excuses and contingencies that have created your LIMITED SELF.

Okay, if everyone is born great, then why are so many people still struggling? Why do so many relationships and businesses fail?

The answer is actually quite simple. We are as great as we ALLOW ourselves to be.

The problems is most of us don’t ALLOW ourselves to live our greatness. Instead, we are quick to place huge limits on what we can do before we have even begun to do it.

The only limits you have are the ones you are placing on yourself. Do me a favor.  Put them aside for now.  You can always go back to them later if you need to, but I promise you, you will not need them any longer if you practice living in the “flow” and living  in “alignment”. Remember, we are as great as we ALLOW ourselves to be.  ALLOW yourself to be great for the next few months and see what happens.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!  No matter how large or small, please record it. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

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  3. Man that was very entertaining and at the same time informative.:~;-*

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