Wayne Dyer Stars in “The Shift”

Spiritual Cinema Circle

    Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Is your life right now filled with meaning and happiness?Start My Free TrialImagine watching a feature film that is entertaining (with big Hollywood stars in it), and shows you the way to discovering your life’s purpose! The movie is called The Shift, and it stars Dr. Wayne Dyer and Portia DeRossi.Through this inspiring film, you’ll:

  • Discover how to fulfill your destiny and to live your life on purpose
  • Learn how to recognize a “quantum moment”
  • Understand the different ways men and women make the shiftThanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can receive The Shift (plus several great short films and an exclusive interview with Gary Renard) for FREE by signing up for a free trial (you pay a small shipping fee). The movies are yours to keep and cancel anytime.To see the trailers of the films and get your FREE* DVD, click here!

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