Unlock the Power of “Now” Special

Everyone says to "live in the moment"… But… how do you do that???

Kristen Howe spent years searching for the answer. And she found it – a method that makes slipping into the now so easy it's like breathing. No meditation or mental "exercises" needed. No vow of silence, a visit from the Dalai Lama or fancy alpha-state audios required.

Just a simple 3-step process that strips away bad feelings, centers you in the "now" and puts you in the perfect state to attract what you want.

Here's what I mean…

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about something that happened today, yesterday, or maybe even last week? Do you find yourself worrying about the future? We all do from time to time and usually we're not even aware of it. If you realize that you are doing this, then you're not really here, you're not living in the momoent and you're not utilizing you're power right NOW. Instead you're wasting your power and energy by focusing on the past or worrying about the future. 

When you're not living in the now you fail to work with what I call the power of NOW, a power that can help you improve your life so that you're enjoying it everyday. If you want to achieve success, happiness and live the life you want… start living in the now. Be here now, by experiencing the present moment for the gift that it is! We all live in the present, but very few utilize the power of this present moment. The only thing that exist is what is happening right now in this present moment. The past doesn't exist, it's over and done with. The future doesn't exist, it simply hasn't happened yet. Both the past and future are only part of your thoughts and memories. They only exist in your mind and not in reality. The only thing that is or will ever be is NOW and from this present moment you can draw tremendous power. The kind of power that can change your life and allow you to achieve your goals. 

Because we attract what we think about, it's critical that we find a way to put our minds on what we want (instead of what we don't want). The most effective way to keep your thoughts centered on your desires, leave your problems behind and attract your ideal life is to be in a positive, energized state of appreciation.

That's exactly how you feel when you step into a perfect moment of "now" – a space where the past and future vanish (along with your fears, stress and anxiety).

Unlock the Power of NOW Special

Kristen's program – "Unlock The Power of Now" – takes you into the moment effortlessly and gives you the power to create what you want. This program contains 5 audios that walk you through the same process I use every day to put myself into the now. This was something I had been trying to do for years without much success. If you read my Power of Now Review, you would know how long I have been working on this very subject. Years! So many programs, tricks and research and still I would catch myself thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Finally, I am making real progress and the negative self chatter is less and less. Naturally, this makes life easier and more enjoyable because my thoughts are now positive and I am much more focused. 

Kristen went from earning $300/week walking dogs to financially free in just a few years. And she attributes a huge part of her success to this ability to put herself into the now several times a day. (The process is very fast and easy – taking as little as 60 seconds). Until now the only people who had access to this information were her private coaching clients. And they paid $400/hour to learn these secrets.

For the next few days only, you can learn her personal process for getting into the now, activating your "positive attraction point", and clearing negative emotions for only $19.95! This promotion will run from May 14th – May 20th only. So I made sure I posted this one right away… I'm actually a day early!

Unlock the Power of Now Special

Being able to live in the moment is the "holy grail" of personal development. People spend a lifetime in pursuit this ideal.

Kristen's "Unlock The Power of Now" program will save you years of trial and error and give you an easy, simple process for reaching your full potential.

If you're looking for a way to supercharge the law of attraction, this is where it happens… in the NOW.

I encourage you to check it out because not only does this program have the power to make rapid positive changes in your life, this is the lowest price it will ever be. This easy 3 step process for living in the now is my ultimate shortcut for speeding up manifestation and locking your mind clearly on what you desire.

Find out what's possible when you spend more time in the moment, release the past and clear the way for a bright future:

Unlock the Power of NOW Special

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