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 So… you asked the Universe for a million dollars and “what happened?” Chances are you did not receive it over night and may have wondered why? I can tell you. It’s most likely because you didn’t really believe you would receive it and/or your faith in the Universe delivering it was not so strong either. Well, at least I know this has been keeping me from the riches I deserve. These are two key ingredients when it comes to manifesting whatever you desire. Faith and Belief… always remember. Others are gratitude and appreciation which comes when your new beliefs are set in place. Will get to that later…

Manifesting begins with your conscious minds desire and happens through your subconscious mind. However, your subconscious will only accept what it believes to be true and then it must make the necessary arrangements for this to become your reality. That is the Universal law. Sounds simple, right? Of course not! Your subconscious has been building your belief system since the day you were born. Everything that has ever happened to you (good or bad) is stored here. If you’ve ever experienced troubles involving money like I have, your belief is most likely doubtful for you to obtain a million dollars over night. Therefore it cannot happen.

On the bright side if you could just change your belief and have faith that the Universe wants to deliver your desire, you will instantly be guided towards that which you have asked. You only need to be open to it and allow it to happen. Still sounds like a tough operation? Well, here’s the good news!

Valerie Dawson has created a new self  hypnosis program tittled “Think Rich Secrets“. A set of  five meditational cd’s accompanied with five subliminal message cd’s thrown in as a bonus along with a few other goodies to help guide you in making positive changes regarding your beliefs about money. 

I first began using the Dawson Method years ago with her “Hidden Secret” program. This one I still enjoy and use to this day!  Knowing how well this worked I jumped at the chance to order “Think Rich Secrets” and so glad I did. Right away I saw more money coming in through my day job (bartender) and later noticed positive changes in my attitude towards work.  I took Valerie’s suggestion and began writing down all that I was was grateful for on a daily basis in my Gratitude Journal. This only takes  a few minutes and oh, so powerful! Suddenly all my work relationships formed new life. The energy shifted and the atmosphere became so much lighter as a result. This works for me…

Soon after, I was receiving extra money regularly from hobbies I enjoy doing. In fact today I was able to deposit another $168.30 into my account. Honestly! Everyday I find some amount of money and no matter how small I always remember to “thank” the Universe for the gifts. Friends, family, lottery winnings, the list goes on with all the endless gifts the universe continues to bring me. I’ll never forget… one day I arrived to work and the alley was paved with coins! Though I gathered up each one I will never lose the image of  how beautiful that was to see. Amazing what those sparkly coins can do for a dark, old alley!

Though I’m not a millionaire yet, I highly recommend this program due to the fact that it has already changed my beliefs about money and all that I can acomplish in this lifetime which is greater than dollars and cents! I can see and feel the shift taking place in my mind as I become more optimistic about my future while being more grateful for all that I have right now. Negative thoughts are less and less while positive thoughts replace them more and more. As a result… I do feel richer and life has become much more enjoyable!

I recently found a new acting class that I really wanted to experience, only I felt the cost was out of my league. I tried to save, did my best to fit this into my budget while remaining positive the money would somehow come to me. So I decided to just go ahead and register since I wouldn’t actually have to produce the money for another two weeks when the class began. Just as I was ready to conceed to the fact it wasn’t possible for me at this time… I was gifted with $200.00 bucks from a dear friend (one of my regular customers at the bar I work in). He sensed I could use it and I could tell he was more delighted than I that he was able to put such a large smile on my face!  I love the class and my new acting coach is awesome! Though I will still need to manifest this extra cash on a monthly basis I feel confident it will happen for I know I am on the right path.

I listen to one meditation cd repeatedly throughout the week as I lay down after my shower. I awake refreshed and already feel as though I’m having a great day! As I get dressed I play one of the subliminal message cd’s. Why not?  Certainly can’t hurt right? Besides, they are very relaxing with all the sounds of nature… make for great backroom noise!

Well, what more can I say? Except maybe you should hear what Valerie has to say by clicking on the link below:

Think Rich Secrets

If you’re ready to install new beliefs about money and make positive improvements in your life that stick you should begin listening to this program today…


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