The “Wealth Trigger” Report

In review of "The Wealth Trigger" created by Joe Vitale and Steven G. Jones

I just began using The Wealth Trigger a couple weeks ago and the results have been surprising to say the least. Not sure that I can find the right words to describe this program. I know they did promise I would be making more money easily and effortlessly… but I guess I didn't really believe it would happen so suddenly! I mean it was practically overnight I began to see the most positive changes happening both internally and externally all around me. Mainly changes in attitude… and yes, MORE MONEY!

First of all, I used the program right before bedtime as suggested. I woke up early (without the sound of my alarm!) and feeling so refreshed and optimistic. Like I knew this day had something in store for me. I didn't know what, but I was eager to get started. Sure enough I had a great day and made excellent money… and this was on a Monday! So I continued using the Wealth Trigger hypnosis cd every night and the results seem to keep repeating. Waking up early, feeling great, having a great day and making more money!

Perhaps I should mention that I am a bartender. Since I first began using "The Wealth Trigger", my bar buisness made a dramatic turnaround for the better and I even won the basketball pool… $100 bucks… thank you very much! This may be a coincidence, but somehow I doubt it.

I was at work just the other day and really felt like it was my birthday (though I know it wasn't). I was receiving gifts right from the start and all throughout my day! One of my co workers made me a fresh fruit salad, then a friend brought me a bag of fresh fruit, another friend brought jewelry… another brought flowers… the day ended with tickets to the White Sox game sitting right behind home plate with some of my favorite friends, the most perfect weather and fireworks!

I admit, I did have a very good feeling about this one from the start. Mainly because it involves hypnosis. I love self hypnosis! It is by far my favorite formula for self improvement in any area. It makes perfect sense to me. After all, everything is created through our mind, so why not get right in there and make things happen! Also I like being able to take a few minutes time out, lie down,  relax and just listen. What's not to love about that?! However, this program is strongly recommended to be used while going to sleep. I have not been able to stay awake and listen to the whole recording yet, but I am getting the most amazing sleep… waking up early and feeling great (that was worth repeating)! It's okay to fall asleep while listening as it is expected and still most beneficial to the subconscious.

My faith actually grew even stronger in the very first module. Joe Vitale introduces the Wealth Trigger as he tells his story of how he overcame being broke and homeless to the life he leads now. I immediately knew I was on the right path when Joe began telling of how he read self  help books on a repeted basis over and over again. I thought.. "That's me… I do that! As an extra bonus he even offers a copy of  his latest book "Attract Money Now" for free! Inside Joe Vitale reveals his new seven step formula for attracting money. No, I haven't read it yet, but I will!

However, my favorite module is the third one. Here Joe speaks about hypnotic intentions. I found this to be very intersting. I can't explain it all to you, but your intentions can be so powerful and easily accessed as Joe explains to you how. For example, you can vision yourself telling your story of how you became so successful much easier than trying to figure out how you're going to be successful. This came naturally to me and all the good feelings seem to just come with it in waves with no effort on my part. I learned so much about visualization in those few short minutes than I did in all the years I've spent researching this very subject. Amazing!

Moving forward, in module five Steven G. Jones makes his introduction of himself and hypnosis. I was extremely impressed with him from the start. With all his accolades, like Joe Vitale, he manges to remain humble, down to earth and most helpful! He totally walks you through the whole process of hynosis step by step and even provides easy methods of how you can hypnotize yourself or anyone else if you wish. Again, my expectations were exceeded. Especially when I noticed all the extra recordings he threw in. Maybe in was in the sales page and I missed it… or maybe a limited time promo… but I was shocked to discover five additional recordings! Yeah… I received the Abundance cd, Discover Your Passion, Motivation cd, Unlimited Wealth and Unlimited Confidence cd's as a bonus!

I am convinced these two men have thought of everything you need to start up your "Wealth Trigger"!

I should probably mention I have not incorporated all of the suggestions made in this program, but I am happy with the results I have been receiving none the less. For example, Steven really does teach you in detail how to make your own recordings. I may decide to do this someday, but I don't really feel it necessary for now. Also writing your goals and placing them everywhere, including using a black marker and writing them on your bathroom mirror?! Not to worry… he also tells you how to clean them! This is tricky for me because, what if I have company over? I wouldn't be comfortable with everyone knowing my goals each time they entered my bathroom. Still, I'm sure it's a good idea…

The only downside to this program was that it did require effort on my part… I wasn't use to being so busy! The first couple of days took an enormous amount of energy in order to keep up with the pace. I was coming home exhausted and so hungry since there was no time for a break throughout my day. Lucky me… I was forced to get in shape. I guess that's okay since I've been wanting to do that anyway.

In conclusion, The Wealth Trigger has not only brought me more money, and gifts. What I am most grateful for is my outlook on life has become much more optimistic! I am seeing more opportunities just present themselves (yes, that would be my acting career!) and most importantly, I am once again excited about going to work. It's so nice to have my passion restored and realize I am already doing what I love to do! I find myself surrounded with more friends and laughter these days… And besides making more money… I now consider this my daily workout!

Seems to me that when you're happy… more happiness just comes to you!

Obviously, I highly recommend this program… In fact, it was my personal favorite new self help program for 2011 and number one choice on the Better Life Review!

Again, Here's The Link:

The Wealth Trigger

You're gonna love this one! 🙂

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