The Spirit of Dieting

If you don’t mind your body, your spirit will shine through it!

Let me explain that one… this article is written more in the spiritual aspect of dieting. What if we didn't give so much thought to our bodies appearance? What if we didn't see our bodies as good or bad and just accepted them as they are? There is no need to judge… many times we are far more critical of ourselves than we need to be anyway. Judgement is based on Ego (a disease of the mind). This is why you never want to judge anyone or anything, especially yourself. Think of all you say to yourself concerning your weight issues on a repeated basis… Would you ever say those things to your best friend? You are your own best friend or at least you can be when you start acting like it!

It seems most people feel they need to go on a diet. Especially during the holidays, or soon as Spring arrives. However, very few people actually succeed at this…

I believe the reason is, we all want instant results, and life usually does not cooperate in that manner. Time is always a factor because we are not focused on the Now (which is all there ever is). You cannot just think of how your body will be or how it use to be. Instead focus on what is and then changes will happen. When you become present with the moment, you will then know what needs to be done and you will do it effortlessly by accepting the situation for what it is. If you need more exercise, or should cut down on sweets, whatever it is, you only need to accept it and then action happens. You will always choose the right course of action through conscious awareness and acceptance.

To be successful at dieting you only need to reverse any negative thoughts you may have concerning your weight and create a flow of positive energy to replace them with. By being present in the now is where you find true happiness. You want to remain conscious of your thoughts as much as possible. This is called "conscious awareness" and is what Eckhart Tolle speaks about in his spiritual teachings. You can do this through meditation, also known as stillness. It is through the stillness of your mind that all the answers you seek can be found. Here are some pointers for you to be aware of:

  • Think yourself thin at all times. The subconscious mind picks up on those images as factual, and that is where power lies… (Those images turn into your reality).
  • Visualize running or exercising. Scientific studies have proven if you visualize clearly enough that you are working out, it can manifest into physical results.
  • Know how powerful you are. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • Affirmations. Keep filling your mind with positive thoughts as much as possible while eliminating negative ones.
  • Use the aid of self hypnosis cd's. You can download them right to your computer. Just relax and listen. I like The Zero Weight Release Program, but there are several others for you to choose from.
  • Write down your goals in advance. Now you only need to follow through! Keep a journal of your weight loss success (writing is very powerful, the subconsciuos perceives anything as fact more quickly through writing).
  • Do not think of dieting, Instead focus on how enjoyable your day is and will continue to be. During meal times, let your body decide what it wants. Keep in mind, all that your body does for you, and you will want to nourish it properly.
  • Join a gym. Go for a walk, a swim, a jog, a run, climb stairs, ride a bike, or rollerblade.
  • Register for dance classes, yoga, palates, tennis, karate, the list goes on.
  • Try out for sports
  • Exercise balls are great fun to play with.
  • Make it a point to dance at least once a week (even if it's in your living room).

Above all make sure you're having fun! Do what makes you happy, and do activities that you enjoy doing!

I realize this may be difficult to understand… it’s a lot to explain in one article. My favorite mentor, Dr. Robert Anthony has a program which pretty much coincides with what I’m stating here. Only, I am certain he can explain this much better and in more depth than I. It is tittled “Zero Resistance Weight Release” and is designed to help you lose excess weight quickly and easily. Dr. Robert Anthony has created several programs I positively believe in. No gimmicks, just cold, heart facts like I am stating here. I strongly suggest you visit his website:

Zero Resistance Weight Release Program

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    Thanks! I’ll have to look into that. Lots of people are having trouble with my rss…

  2. Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

  3. Pam says:

    So glad to hear you enjoyed the article. I consider that high praise coming from a personal trainer, so thank you! I use ‘bookmarks’ to save articles I may want to keep. There are so many ways to do this. Check the bar atop of your screen. Look for star icons, they may be labeled favorites or bookmarks. I also installed bookmarks at the bottom of all my post. It’s those little icons at the bottom of page. Hope that helps!

  4. Pam says:

    Thank you. I have several family members who are over weight and for years I have heard them all make up excuses why I’m so thin and why they are not. This is what keeps them from losing weight. If you have an excuse, you are telling yourself a fact that you believe is true. Your subconscious then makes it your reality!

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    Thanks for the info. Very good post!

  9. Pam says:

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