The Principals of Successful Manifesting

The complete guide to manifesting your goals and life dreams…

Yes! I found the most enjoyable free ebook, but this one is only for a limited time. Not to worry because you will have ubtil Oct. 31st to download this gift and then it is yours to keep. It was written by a friend of mine named Thomas Herold. Perhaps you have heard of him… he is the CEO of Dream Manifesto. A delightful website which focuses on your dreams and how to obtain them with ease. I know…  you’ve heard it all before. Seems just about everyone is making claims to that these days, only they don’t all have the resources or ability to actually do it. Some are more like copycats who simply rewrite the books they have read and therefore usually don’t offer you any new information.

With Thomas you will notice right away this man knows exactly what he is talking about! This book is loaded with information and so easy to read and understand. Having read so many great books on this subject already, I am amazed with his ability to write with such authority and make me feel as if it was the first time discovering such techniques. Here is the link:

The Principles of Successful Manifesting – Free Ebook

Manifesting our goals and dreams is what life is all about. That is what we came here to do in the first place, yet somehow most of us lose sight of this along the way and begin to struggle with life. However, thanks to so many people like Thomas Herold, we can find our way back to the peaceful, love and happiness we inherited from birth.

Why do I read so many books on this subject? I guess the more I read, the more I get it. The more I get it, the more I get! I read positive books and messages everyday to keep my thoughts aligned with what I want or at least to keep myself from thinking of things I don’t want… sometimes I like to visit Dream Manifesto just to read the articles. They have so many and continuously add new ones. Once again, the link to your ebook is:

The Principles of Successful Manifesting – Free Ebook

Thomas has also created a Dream Manifestation Wizard which is like no other! His Dream Manifestation Kit is an award winning software and audio package that does one thing, and does it in a very profound and astonishing way – it reminds you of your dreams, helping align your thoughts until those dreams are manifested in your life.

There is a great introduction here: 

Make Your Dreams Come True!

This one downloads right to your computer and acts as a gentle reminder of what you should be focusing on… your dreams of course! It’s not so easy to explain in one post, but I will suggest you to see it for yourself here:

Dream Manifestation Kit

In a nutshell: Use affirmations to change your attitudes; use intentions to set a path that you will follow until it is fulfilled; use goals to set milestones for this path.

Make Your Dreams Come True!

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6 Responses to The Principals of Successful Manifesting

  1. Crasty says:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  2. Bunker says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  3. Crasty says:

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

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  5. Pam says:

    Thank you all! I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did. I’m ready for a second read… so much information! There was a few techniques I never tried before. Awesome!

  6. Clemento says:

    Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

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