The Dash Movie

A fresh perspective for everything you do today…

As you may already know, I occasionally read something that by-passes the brain and goes straight to the heart. The Dash poem was one of those times.

The Dash movie only takes three minutes to watch, but those three minutes can truly change the way you think about life! I hope it will touch you as much as it touched me.

This is really beautiful! I’m sure you will enjoy the breathtaking images and the inspiring message.

You can check it out here:

The Dash Movie-Poem

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3 Responses to The Dash Movie

  1. Elcoj says:

    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your
    Have a nice day

  2. Jenny says:

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked browsing your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you both so very much. I know, I should post more often… time has always been an issue with me. Besides the fact I tend to draw my attention to several other areas of life at any given moment. The best I can do is just go with the flow. However, I do intend to post here more often. Working on it. Really!

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