Spring Ahead With Better Life Review

We had an early Spring here in Chicago…

I was at the lakefront everyday in the middle of March! Sunny and record breaking warm temperatures (in the mid eighties). So I got a head start or you might say an Early Wake Up Call to get in shape!

Time to re-align myself mentally, physically and spiritually and deliberately create the life I want. My job ended late December, so I had all winter to think about this and now it seemed time to take action. So I did. I got a job for starters, doing more yoga and have been working out more regularly in general. Feeling so much better already and I basically only took three simple steps. It seemed so effortless on my part once I began directing my mind with my subconscious.

It's the Power of Now… taking responsibility for your life and making the most of your situation! Let's face it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I know it doesn't seem fair, but our universe is much like our subconscious minds which doesn't know the difference between good or bad. There is no judgment here. What I've learned mostly is you must be alert and paying attention in order to 'see' the light when it does shine. Whenever you feel the darkness, know that light is always there waiting for you to grab hold of it. Maybe life just challenges us sometimes to help us learn? Maybe it's all part of the plan..


Mind Movies… how you can make your own for free! This was my greatest venture during my time off work. I discovered you can make movies for free using Windows Movie Maker. Anyone who has windows can do this. I started making these slideshows for family members and then decided to make my own version of 'Mind Movie' for myself and it works! Now I see why Mind Movies have remained so popular over the years. By watching this short film, I can't help but feel good. My optimism is restored and I feel grateful for all aspects of life! Check it out:

Better Life Review

Finally…The Five Best Self Help Programs in 2011!  I also like to provide you with any self help programs I found to be helpful in any area. I've had more than my fair share of challenges in the past few years … problems created by me that only I can fix. So, I'm always on the look out for ways to improve my situation. It's my way of coping with life's ups and downs without becoming completely stressed out! Unfortunately, not all are worth the time and expense. Most are copy cats and telling us of things we already know while adding no real value at all. Not helpful! However, after sifting through enough rocks, I do find some real gems! I figure if they can help me… for sure they can help you too! 

Discover what I found to be the best and of course, most affordable self help programs thus far. Easy downloads, so you won't waste any time waiting to begin improving your life… you can do it now! You're gonna love this one:

Better Life Review

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