Self Improvement Holiday Specials!

So, this is Christmas… and what have you done?

For yourself that is! With so much to do this time of year, I think it is most important you take care of yourself.  Make it a priority just like you would for anyone else you love!

I am having the best Christmas so far this year… from all my past years of experience I am finally getting it! Usually I am so stressed out right about now… enjoyment is the furthest thing from my mind! My thoughts are scattered and usually negative. I panic there won't be enough time… I'm tired from all the extra work and parties… I can't sleep and soon I become a scrooge!

But not this year. This year I am putting me first and I am able to take on so much more. I make time to mediatate, do some yoga and I begin my day with relaxing self hypnosis tapes. This is all keeping me positive , more focused and I have so much more energy! I am so grateful for this I wanted to give back by sharing with all of you! Seriously, I am amazed with myself. Decorations were up day after Thanksgiving. My shopping is nearly done and I am enjoying every minute of this holiday season. I now know what it's like to have Christmas Spirit without having a drink!

I am searching for holiday specials I can post here for all of you! Give yourself a gift of self  help this year and I will do my best to find you ways of saving money.  Let this be my gift to you!

For starters, I can always count on Dr. Robert Anthony for a "Holiday Special". He is most generous and offering you 40% off til Dec. 24th! In case you don't already know… Dr. Anthony is the creator of my personal favorite self help program "The Secret Of Deliberate Creation". With all the bonuses he has added to accompany this program, I am convinced it is all you will need to start your new year off right!


I just found out this sale has now been extended through til midnight New Year's Eve!

Click Here Now

You can also save 60% off on the download version for a limited time. Brings the price down to $67! Just click on the link below:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Download Version

I like downloads. So much easier and you can start enjoying the program right away. You will still recieve the "Quick Start Program" ( my personal fave) and the success library bonuses! If you like you can even order the complete set including the Secret of Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis with all the bonuses for $119!

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Plus Instant Self Hypnosis

Best To You And Have A "Happy New Year"!

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