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How To Beat The Winter Blues

When it comes to Winter in Chicago… there's not too many nice things I can say! I don't like the cold weather. I don't like wind, rain or snow much either. Yet somehow, I have lived here most of my adult life and I do LOVE it! However, this is the time of year is when I have to ask myself "WHY"? Then I slowly start to remember… the first snow fall is so pretty… holiday get togethers… soft, cozy sweaters… boots, I love my boots! Then the mind begins to fade again and begins thinking of January. The party's are over… more snow on the way… I'll spare you the rest of the details cos it gets a little depressing from here… Til suddenly, I can remember my favorite part of Winter… SELF IMPROVEMENT!!!

Yeah. It gets so much easier in the winter to really focus on my health in all three areas. Mentally, physically and spiritually! When its warm outside I never seem to be at home. It feels sinful to stay inside when the weather is so nice. On the other hand, when it turns cold, home is where I want to be! Winter is great for relaxing with a good book, or writing. I also like just meditating, doing yoga and working on my acting skills. Of course I still have to go out once in awhile so I will be going to the Theatre or Concerts, maybe even the Opera while also dining out for healthy foods. Thankfully, we have plenty to choose from! These are things I never seem to have enough time for the rest of the year. So winter is when I can make time for me! This is when I improve myself the most. It works out perfectly, really! It all starts with making a list of goals for New Years and then I actually have time to follow thru on them. What a blessing! The older I get, the better I get… I guess?!

I already have a few good ones lined up for 2012…                                                         

 I am going back to school                                                                

 I will quit smoking

 I will experience hot yoga classes

I will get more paid acting roles

I will find that perfect day job

Naturally, I will invest in a few new self help programs and/ or revisit a few old ones. These keep me on track as they allow me to remain positive, upbeat and focused on success. Otherwise, I may find myself glued to a television set, over eating and feeling too sluggish to even exercise. I would rather program myself to be better and do more than let the T.V. set decide how I should be programmed. Ever notice when watching the television set, you become paralyzed to some degree? It's because all the advertisements are designed to put you into a hypnotic state and I fall into a trance every time! I will just lay there like I don't know how to get up? This is why I choose what I watch carefully and always fast forward through the commercials. If you want success, you have to focus on success It's really that simple!

Self help programs make that even easier with guided meditations and self hypnosis. Those are my favorite besides writing. Writing your own thoughts and ideas in your own words seem to be most powerful for me and its FREE! For the others, I like to shop around for the best deals and share them with you. So far I found that…

For a limited time, you can get "The Code of Influence" training system for 75% OFF. 

Influence – as defined by the English dictionary – is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior or opinions of others.

The Code of Influence created by Paul Mascetta is designed with the 3 most powerful secrets you will ever need to know on how to always position yourself for victory! What you learn here can be used to transform every single aspect of your life. Now that's powerful! This program is also equipped with twelve modules. Each targeted towards a better understanding of the first! Far more than I can explain here, but you really should take a look and see for yourself. He even has several testimonials from some of the top experts in the industry! Joe Vitale, Mike Litman, Steve G. Jones… just to name a few have all endorsed this program. Toppled with such an unbelievably low price and a 60 day money back guarantee, I say there's NOTHING to lose!

Here's where you can grab your copy for 75% off.

The Code of Influence

This is not even an area I feel a need to improve on since my friends & family have always considered me to be a force anyway. lol. Still, I can't help wondering what if? What if I could improve every area of life by simply becoming more persuasive? Hmmm… there's something I have honestly never even thought about!

Remember… this is for a limited time only and I have no idea when it may end, but you will also receive NINE free bonuses.

12 modules and nine free bonuses will definitely keep me busy throughout the winter. Now, that should do the trick!


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