Remove Negative Beliefs Simply By Tapping

Attract Anything You Want… Simply By Using Your Fingers and Voice!

Today I discovered Money Beyond BeliefEFT for more money, wealth, and abundance by Joe Vitale and Brad Yates. Fascinating!!! This is completely different from all my other programs on how to attract wealth and money. I almost instantly started recieving unexpected amounts of money shortly after this exercise. Try it for yourself…

I have heard of this exercise many months ago and to be perfectly honest, I thought it was silly. I really didn’t have much confidence in EFT (emotional freedom technique). Probably because it remininded me of NLP (neuro linguistic programming). 

My disappointment with NLP came from a class I took years ago. It was at the Discovery Center, a humble run down building located in Chicago. It offers classes about everything you can imagine. Anything from skiing to acting, from river rafting to knitting. My only time there was for the NLP class and it was a let down for sure.

NLP makes sense, it was the instructor I was disappointed with. I had my doubts right away! This man had poor posture and seemed to be the saddest man I ever met. How can he possibly help anyone with happiness? Perhaps someone close to him had just died minutes before the class. I always like to give people the benefit of doubt, so maybe it just wasn’t his day. He apologized several times for giving us wrong information, explained a couple exercises, then apologized again because that was not the correct way…I mean it was a joke! I could have excepted all his apologies if he had refunded us all our money back, but of course he didn’t do that! He also showed up with no business cards… I wonder if he was even a real practitioner for NLP ?! I did take home one valuable learning experience that day which was to read Anthony Robbins book, Unlimited Power. I am grateful for that! One of the most powerful books I have ever read…

Now back to my tapping experience; I found it extremely helpful in clearing away negative beliefs and bringing a happy calmness to my day. I received so much satisfaction just from a few short exercises I can only imagine how helpful this will be on a regular, repeated basis.

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