Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) vs. Holosync

head-shots-022Here I Placed The Top Two Brainwave Entrainment Programs Head To Head…

Holosync was created by Bill Harris, known from Masters of the Secret. He does interviews with the stars from the movie and claims they all use his program. Holosync is geared towards meditation and brainwave entrainment. 

Bill has spent years perfecting his technique and when you purchase his program, as a bonus you will recieive his book, “Thresholds of the Mind”. That is the only book I ever started and never finished… sorry Bill, but I found it painfully hard to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to most of the interviews as well as using Holosync, though I was never quite sure of any improvements… or benefits? Bill claims it may take years before you begin to notice any changes, but not to worry because it will happen. In the meantime you recieve tons of mail urging you to update and buy more cd’s. Pages and pages of information stating these upgrades are needed in order to advance further in your developement.

Like I said, I did like the program… I was able to really go into deep meditation and it was very relaxing. You hear the sound of waves crashing along with Bill’s voice adding these beautifully calmimg, subliminal messages. I just thought it was an awful lot of money to pay for something that may or may not be making positive changes in my life. Besides, there seems to be some controversy on whether or not, all that background noise is even helpful…


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