7 Days to Unstoppable Self-Confidence (50% off)

Are you lacking self confidence?

If so… you're in for some good news!

Dr. Robert Anthony has created a breakthrough program to boost your self confidence in just 7 days and it's guaranteed to work!

Not only that, but for the next four days (until April 16th), Dr. Robert Anthony has agreed to discount his "Self Confidence Creator" at 52% off the original price (only $47)!

Sorry it's for such a limited time. You would think he could extend this a little longer, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Right? Let's be grateful. Besides it's still worth the investment at any price…

Confidence is the key to Success!

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself and see if this program is right for you: 

* Have you ever felt (or do you feel now) that you lack Self-Confidence in certain areas of your life? 

* Are you afraid to start a new business, change jobs or step out of your comfort zone?

* Are you frequently indecisive, or do you procrastinate?  

* Do you have a fear of going on dates or finding love?

* Do you find yourself at a loss for words when you meet new people?

* Do you place other people's opinions above yours?

* Do you have trouble believing in yourself?

* Do you secretly fear if you ask for what you want you will be rejected?

* Do you secretly fear that no matter WHAT you do, your inability to be Self-Confident will hold you back for the rest of your life?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then you already know that low self-confidence is holding you hostage… 

So, this is really good news for you…

Dr. Anthony's program is going to significantly boost your self-confidence in just 7 days — guaranteed!

When you program your Subconscious mind with an unshakable belief in yourself…nothing will be impossible for you. You will take immediate, massive, repeated action and will never give up until you make your dreams come true.

Here's the link to get it at over 50% off (until April 16th only)…

Self Condidence Creator Special

When it comes to Self-Confidence, Dr. Anthony definitely has experience — his original book 'The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence' is published in 22 foreign languages and has sold over 1.5 MILLION copies! 've read this and it's one of my personal favorites. As usual, he makes perfect sense! 

Again, here's the link:

Self Condidence Creator Special

To Your Success!


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How to Create the Life You Always Wanted

You've heard about manifesting, and the Law of Attraction.

There are plenty of courses that will show you "how" it works. They explain the basics to you, then let you go out and practice it for yourself.

The results — as you may have found — can be patchy.

But what if there were a program that literally handheld you through the ENTIRE manifestation process? Meaning that there was NO room for error, and ensuring you manifested great results – in record time?

The Dream Manifestation Wizard is a brand new software app that helps to magnify the results you get from the Law of Attraction.

It starts by helping you to identify your own big dream — then uses a combination of audio/visual reminders, dozens of coaching sessions, and customized MP3 numberswiki.com

manifesting sessions, to help you to REACH that goal, guiding you every step of the way.

And it all comes with big one-year, money-back guarantee too — so you can try out the power of the Dream Manifestation Wizard, absolutely risk-free.

Learn more here:

Dream Manifestation Wizard

While you're there be sure to grab a free copy of "The Principles of Successful Manifesting" written by Thomas Herold. Excellent read. Just when I thought I read everything you can about universal laws and manifestations, I read this book and it blew me away! I discovered so many new insights that I quickly accepted the fact that  this guy really knows what he's talking about. Truly! Read the review:

The Principles of Successful Manifesting

Here's to seeing you manifest your greatest dreams and desires in 2012!


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How To Use “Qigong” To Help Heal Yourself

The "Healingfest" is coming! Join for free today….

Sorry for such late notice, but honestly, I just discovered this a few minutes ago and posted it right away!

Introducing: Spring Forest Healingfest An online event to…

Erase pain, stress, and sickness from your body – Yours free!

Spring Forest Healingfest begins March 12 Click Here to sign up today for FREE!

Spring Forest Healing Fest

If you suffer from any pain, disease, fatigue, stress, or the effects of aging, you may just have found the answer you’ve been searching for thanks to a system of healing called “Spring Forest Qigong” created by teacher and healer Chunyi Lin.

For the first time ever, the very same program that has helped tens of thousands of people unlock inner health, healing, natural beauty, higher energy, and happiness will be available free over the Internet. For six days only. Beginning March 12.

Here are just a few of the many problems that have been helped through this system:

  • General pain: neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, arthritis, joints Migraine headaches, sinus more info

    problems, allergies Weight control, high cholesterol, and digestion problems

  • Hearing or sight problems
  • Female or male organ problems
  • Kidney or liver dysfunction
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes and high blood sugar
  • Gall or kidney stones
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, and circulation problems
  • Depression
  • Cancers
  • Lung problems
  • Autoimmune dysfunction such as AIDS and lupus
  • Mental disorders: anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, addictions, obsessive/compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, dyslexia

When you sign-up today, you can listen to 10 professionally produced audio sessions (all about 30 minutes long) and watch a video program (about 60 minutes) absolutely free.

Chunyi Lin designed this system to help you learn the art of self-healing so that you can immediately feel better, have much more energy, and be happy.

Spring Forest Healingfest begins March 12 Click Here to sign up today for FREE!

Spring Forest Healing Fest 

This is a natural process that anyone can do at home. Please sign up today, and forward this to your friends. Chunyi's Spring Forest Healingfest is our gift to the world. It is absolutely free, and we would like you to share it with as many people as possible including health practitioners and people who could use healing.

To your health and well-being!

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You Wealth Revolution Shift 2012

A Global Intention Movement For Wealth, Health and Joy!

This all starts today… Feb. 21st for the first time in history since this has never been done before. I listened in this afternoon @ 3:00 my time (central standard time). It was the first call and will be repeated later this evening. I will most likely listen in again. Yes, I liked it that much! I know I sounded skeptical of this event in my earlier post, but thankfully I was proven wrong. Darius Barazandeh was the nicest and most generous host, though he is also the Founder and Transformational Leader. Today I also learned:

Darius Barazandeh has inspired people in over 100+ countries connect to the greatness and the gifts they have within them. Darius has been trained in numerous schools of thought: business, economics, law, eastern and western thought. He holds an MBA in Finance, is a licensed attorney and a master NLP practitioner, author and transformational expert.



He is the founder of the transformational You Wealth Revolution – SHIFT 2012 a life-changing Intention Project that is AWAKENING people in more than 100 different counties to become more conscious and more connected to their spiritual gifts.

His breakthrough discovery of 'Eleutheria'(TM), Wealth Through Oneness and the Six Figure Partnership Formula are becoming well known for creating near instant changes in clarity, and the healing of emotional and financial blocks.

Darius is a leader, visionary, hypnotheripist, NLP master, and your teacher, guide and host during this amazing consciousness and intention movement. 

Darius performed a clearing exercise for everyone on the call today and went into more detail of his story. I like when people can open up freely about themselves. It shows great character and something I myself, am still working on. I especially liked to hear that he too went out on a limb with reckless abomdonment and found himself lost in the shuffle. Whew! Sigh of relief for me… I'm not the only one! I like taking risk, but lately I seem to be falling flat on my face and it's my birthday! (My best whiney voice) Listening to this call was a blessing to me and I consider it a gift from the universe. Thank you! I no longer feel so alone and just maybe… I'm on the right track afterall!

All my doubts seem to have vanished… maybe it was the clearing excercise? Regardless, I am now a believer in this great cause and want as many of you to join in this movement as possible. The more people we can reach out and connect to the better for the planet! I know this may sound crazy, but that's what I love about it. Let's face it. I'm not right at all. That is why I spend so much time finding ways to improve. Only, on this call I discovered it's okay to be me. God made us all perfect in his own way, right?. My energy was certainly raised through this call( though I didn't notice it at first) and I do feel lighter as a result. This has been a good day and a great experience…

Don't miss this chance to transform yourself and the world around you!

It only takes three seconds to sign up:

 You Wealth Revolution

During This Call You Will Learn:

  • Why 64,659 people and growing are part of this movement
  • How this movement will shift your life…
  • The science behind what we are doing to create your powerful TRANSFORMATION
  • Why people will be talking about this for years to come!
  • How to use the 'Intention Circle' to create the LIFE you DESERVE
  • How to instantly raise your energetic set point
  • How you can have your MAGICAL life now
  •  And MORE…

?JoIn us. You won't regret it!

 You Wealth Revolution

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This is INTERESTING… Could 1% Shift the Planet?

I was just reading this email that said ONLY 1% of the population could SHIFT the planet…

I remember learning about this through "A New Earth Webcast" with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle. He truly amazes me and always thought this was interesting. I can't remember the exact number, but it only took like a few hundred thousand people to raise thier level of consciousness and in turn, would raise the collective consciousness as a whole. I really wanted to see this happen… I remained vigilante throughout those classes and even posted my notes on the subject. Turned into a pretty big project for me and I'm afraid to say, I still catch myself thinking about past or future events – meaning unconscious and not being fully present in the NOW. I want to be fully conscious… I really do! My mind just likes to wander. What can I say? I tried. So, here's the deal. I'm reading this e mail and discover this is taking place on my birthday, February 21st, which I took as a sign and therefore signed up!

I can't tell you too much since it hasn't started yet, but I'm just going to play along nicely and see what happens. Sometimes, these great intentions turn out to be just a lot of 'hype' and I do hate when that happens… However, I did just recently sign up for the "Manifest Everything Now" seminar and I am truly enjoying these calls! I stopped participating in these events years ago because I felt disappointed. They were just trying to sell me something and ended up being a waste of time and insult to my intelligence, or maybe that was just my perspective at the time. However, lately I've got too much time on my hands and doing whatever it takes to 'manifest' a job so I'm prone to go along with just about anything. Fortunately, with "Manifest Everything Now",  I'm learning a lot and making important discoveries from Kristen Howe and her guest. I especially liked Rikka Zimmerman, Morgana Rae and Laura Silva (Jose Silva's daughter). Anyway, I felt bad that I never posted the event and now it seems too late though you may still be able to join in…

Being gifted with such recent success is probably why I have such high hopes for the "You Wealth Revolution" which begins on Feb. 21st (my birthday) and  you can join with me for free! Not sure how I can attend both of these events, but should keep me focused on 'what I want'…

Since I do want to see this shift take place, I'm just going to post the e mail I read earlier here for you to read:

3 Seconds To Shift The Planet

I was reading a study that said ONLY 1% of the population could SHIFT the planet…

Well there is an INTENTION MOVEMENT starting on Feb 21st (My Birthday!) that thousands and thousands of people are joining  in over 100+ countries to do just that…
The founder is visionary and evolver Darius Barazandeh and he's created something SPECTACULAR that's never been done before…

WHAT'S THAT?  It's a CIRCLE of HIGHER ENERGY and INTENTION designed to shift your life…

You can JOIN it with me and a community of masters, teachers and healers PLUS people in 100+ nations…
All of us are joining the INTENTION CIRCLE to clear YOUR energy, YOUR blocks and YOUR way to abundance
 You Wealth Revolution

PLEASE NOTE: This is a HISTORIC event that's NEVER been attempted before…(it starts Tuesday Feb 21st!)

In case you are wondering:
** IT'S NOT SIMPLY ANOTHER TELE-SUMMIT: Those on the list will GET the clearing intention from the circle…
** ITS DIFFERENT**: This is a Conscious INTENTION CIRCLE designed to SHIFT YOUR LIFE, the environment, YOUR money, and YOUR future…
** ITS BIG and GETTING BIGGER: The BIGGER it Gets – The More Your Life Could TRANSFORM…
** GET Your Energy Cleared Daily** as the greatest teachers and healers use their power and heart to TRANSFORM your life…
** THIS ALSO a Global CLEARING and HEALING **: Never before have so many from all over the planet come together to use the Power of Intention and Clearing… (What could it do for you?)
** BEST OF ALL – ITS F.R.E.E. to be part of this SPECIAL EXPERIMENT!  

BUT that's not all…
To show our gratitude for helping us increase the circle of 'clearing' and healing the greatest teachers and healers are also going to teach you to RELEASE, HEAL AND CREATE ABUNDANCE EACH DAY…
A whole community of leaders are rallying behind this MOVEMENT and joining the circle, such as Darius Barazandeh (founder), Rikka Zimmerman, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Christie Marie Sheldon, Richard Gordon, Dr. Kenji Kumara Jennifer Hough, Ann Taylor, Richard Gordon, Panache Desai and countless teachers, healers and masters!
 You Wealth Revolution

Did I mention that people in over 100 countries are joining?   This is a GLOBAL QUANTUM LEAP!   So click the link below to JOIN the clearing circle and this movement:
 You Wealth Revolution

I do hope this works and that we all recieve a higher level of consciousness!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? Thanks for reading this and for wanting to make this 'shift' with me! There's also a free gift when you sign up. No I haven't tried it yet… but I will!

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Zero Resistance Weight Release Special Offer

I just thought you would want to know about this…

For a limited time you can recieve a 45% discount when ordering Dr. Robert Anthony's wieght loss system! I just found out about this and wanted to post it to you right away as this offer will end on February 20th. This is a perfect addition to any diet plan you may have already started for your New Year Resolution. I do hope it is going well for you, but I know through experience those resolutions  begin to fade right about this time. It's not that we don't want to succeed… life just gets in the way sometimes and seemingly more important issues pop up without any notice! That is when we start to give up and resort back to our old habits. Let me ask you. this…

How many times have you resolved to lose weight?

What if I told you that gaining weight is just the result of a mind virus?

That's exactly what Dr. Anthony says is true, and he is looking for people to test his revolutionary 

'Zero Resistance Weight Release Program'

and for a very limited time (Until Feb 20th), he's giving you 45% off when you do!

Do you want to finally lose weight with no dieting, pills or willpower… I'm serious about this, I want you to be one of this programs success stories —

Click here to test his revolutionary program now…

Zero Resistance Weight Release 

My guess is that you have probably tried every imaginable diet, weight loss program, pill, shake, meal replacement, starvation method and exercise gadget on the market to lose weight…and failed. It's time to put an end to your discouragement and disappointment…

It's time for you to become a success story!

 The 45% off special New Years offer will only last until Feb 20th — and it is still covered by a 60 day 'No Risk' guarantee — go check it out now…

Zero Resistance Weight Release  

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Money Magnet Meditation Revealed

Self hypnosis is by far my favorite form of self improvement! It takes the least amount of effort on my part and has the most powerful effect of transforming my life through my mindset. That's what really needed to be drastically changed. As we get older life has a way of beating up on us. Energy is not always there when you need it and our thoughts and actions become routine as we get stuck or you might say "comfortable" with life.

However, we all know life is ever changing and so many people have lost their 'comfort zone' due to the economy of lately. Most are struggling for basic survival. I have always felt comfortable with change since my worst fear is for things to stay the same. I like the not knowing what tomorrow will bring only sometimes I catch myself imagining the worst! When I let my mind wander it tries to predict my future for me through daydreams and some of them are down right scary while others are filled with love & joy! I prefer the latter. This is why I love self hypnosis. It helps me train my mind to flow in a positive direction while I just lay back and listen.

I have three favorites that I use and Valerie Dawson is certainly one of them. She was the first to introduce me of the power of self hypnosis through creative visualizations in "The Hidden Secret" program which I still use to this day. Valerie's voice is so soothing it relaxes me instantly. I also believe that by using the same hypnotist, my subconscious will automatically accept this as truth because of the repetitious voice. That's just my theory and what I believe to be true. It's like when talking to yourself… your mind picks up on the familiarity and believes everything you tell yourself. So watch out!

Well, lucky for me Valerie has created so many programs it is hard for me to keep up. I recently discovered her "Money Magnet Meditations" since it's all about money for me these days… Here is the review:

Money Magnet Meditations Review

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What Does Success Mean To You?

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to you and yours…

While going through my inbox today, I found this e mail from Dr. Robert Anthony. I liked it so much I thought I would share… This one resonated with me right away since I'm starting the year off with a clean slate. My temp job ended on the 20th of December so I enjoyed the holidays to the fullest and now it's time to reflect and figure out what I want to do next. This was so helpful and informative it really got me thinking. Positive thoughts… and that always feels good. Maybe it can help you too! Surely I'm not the only one looking to make improvements this year! I especially like the quote at the end. Read on…


Are ready for a great New Year?

To help you get off to a running start I would like you to consider changing your perception of WHAT SUCCESS MEANS TO YOU!

As I mature and have a better understanding of how things work, I have come to understand that HOW WE MEASURE SUCCESS will determine our happiness, or lack of it.

We tend MEASURE SUCCESS in relation to achieving our goals. In other words, we set a goal and if we achieve it, we are happy and satisfied. If we don't, we feel like a failure. This creates anxiety, fear and sometimes even depression.

You will never be happy or satisfied if you keep focusing on what you DON'T HAVE, or what you have NOT ACHIEVED.

Instead, consider this; The way to MEASURE SUCCESS, and still be happy and satisfied, is to look at WHERE YOU HAVE COME FROM.

In other words, LOOK BACK and notice how you have IMPROVED in any area of your life – even if it is a VERY SMALL improvement.

If you LOOK BACK and celebrate your INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS, the next steps become so much easier, because you are happy and satisfied right now.

So, if you did not achieve everything you wanted in 2011, when you finish reading this take a look at the INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS you have made and give yourself a pat on the back. Make a short list and then give yourself some credit instead of focusing on what went wrong or did not happen. Seriously. I mean it. MAKE THAT LIST. I'm watching you!

Start the New Year with the feeling that you have already started to make some incremental improvements in 2011, and you are ready for more. NEVER, I repeat NEVER, judge yourself. Other people will be happy to do that for you. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished – no matter how small those accomplishments may seem.

This will get you off to great start in 2012 because you will START OFF with a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT instead of a sense of failure – which is never useful. If you build on your incremental accomplishments you can do EVEN BETTER in 2012.

Before I sign off I want to point out the quote below my name. It says…

"Any dream that can pass through one's screen of logic into the Subconscious
and is earnestly desired, can be obtained".
– Dr. Robert Anthony

This is so true, and I want to keep pointing it out.

Once you give up all the "logical reasons" why something cannot work for you and allow your new dream or goal to enter your Subconscious, it's an idea whose time has come. If you truly desire it and your Subconscious agrees to it – it's yours!

Cheers for a great New Year,

Dr. Robert Anthony

"Any dream that can pass through one's screen of logic into the subconscious
and is earnestly desired, can be obtained".
– Dr. Robert Anthony

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Self Improvement Holiday Specials!

So, this is Christmas… and what have you done?

For yourself that is! With so much to do this time of year, I think it is most important you take care of yourself.  Make it a priority just like you would for anyone else you love!

I am having the best Christmas so far this year… from all my past years of experience I am finally getting it! Usually I am so stressed out right about now… enjoyment is the furthest thing from my mind! My thoughts are scattered and usually negative. I panic there won't be enough time… I'm tired from all the extra work and parties… I can't sleep and soon I become a scrooge!

But not this year. This year I am putting me first and I am able to take on so much more. I make time to mediatate, do some yoga and I begin my day with relaxing self hypnosis tapes. This is all keeping me positive , more focused and I have so much more energy! I am so grateful for this I wanted to give back by sharing with all of you! Seriously, I am amazed with myself. Decorations were up day after Thanksgiving. My shopping is nearly done and I am enjoying every minute of this holiday season. I now know what it's like to have Christmas Spirit without having a drink!

I am searching for holiday specials I can post here for all of you! Give yourself a gift of self  help this year and I will do my best to find you ways of saving money.  Let this be my gift to you!

For starters, I can always count on Dr. Robert Anthony for a "Holiday Special". He is most generous and offering you 40% off til Dec. 24th! In case you don't already know… Dr. Anthony is the creator of my personal favorite self help program "The Secret Of Deliberate Creation". With all the bonuses he has added to accompany this program, I am convinced it is all you will need to start your new year off right!


I just found out this sale has now been extended through til midnight New Year's Eve!

Click Here Now

You can also save 60% off on the download version for a limited time. Brings the price down to $67! Just click on the link below:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Download Version

I like downloads. So much easier and you can start enjoying the program right away. You will still recieve the "Quick Start Program" ( my personal fave) and the success library bonuses! If you like you can even order the complete set including the Secret of Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis with all the bonuses for $119!

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Plus Instant Self Hypnosis

Best To You And Have A "Happy New Year"!

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More Holiday Specials To Help Yourself

 Another year over… and a new one just begun.

 Why not make this one your year!? Your year to shine, to discover your true self, to make a plan and stick with it, to find your purpose or a new year to simply           manifest all that you desire!

 In search of self improvement Holiday Specials, I was surprised to find very few.

 Thankfully, Dr. Robert Anthony has extended his generous offer of 40% off "The Secret of Deliberate Creation".


And now I am pleased to find Aine Belton is also giving in the spirit of Christmas this year with 50% off all her  programs. She is the creator of some of the most amazing self help programs which guide you more towards your true self than you ever thought possible.

Her list include The Intuition Zone along with the  Belief Buster Kit. Both are currently being offered at 50% off for now. Not sure for how long though… sorry for that.

Your intuition is the gateway to your unlimited self, and all the wisdom, love and guidance you need to craft your life optimally!

The Belief Buster Kit quenches an unanswered niche in the manifesting, law of attraction and personal development fields. It consists of a workbook and audio meditation and includes over 20 techniques for identifying and clearing limiting beliefs and installing new empowering beliefs.

Ainye also just recently released The Matrix Shift… this might be a winner! I will be writing more about this one later, but for now she has arranged a special Christmas gift for you. You are in for an amazing treat!

 This is so radically life-changing it will transform both you AND your reality!

 You're about to discover the most swift and elegant way to optimize ALL areas of your life!

 This goes so deep it explains the very secret of life itself!

 Go to: Chakras and Manifesting Report

 This is like nothing you will have come across before.

Plus, it's totally Free! Get ready to be amazed.

Then we have…

For a limited time only, you can get the *AMAZING* Dream Manifestation Kit for ONLY $59.95!

This is $40 off its regular price, an absolute bargain! Take action *immediately* if you want to use this powerful tool to manifest your wildest dreams.

Click Here To Start Manifesting Your Dreams

That's all for now… If I find more I will be sure to post 'em!

Best to you and a Happy New Year!


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