Money Magnet Meditation Revealed

Self hypnosis is by far my favorite form of self improvement! It takes the least amount of effort on my part and has the most powerful effect of transforming my life through my mindset. That's what really needed to be drastically changed. As we get older life has a way of beating up on us. Energy is not always there when you need it and our thoughts and actions become routine as we get stuck or you might say "comfortable" with life.

However, we all know life is ever changing and so many people have lost their 'comfort zone' due to the economy of lately. Most are struggling for basic survival. I have always felt comfortable with change since my worst fear is for things to stay the same. I like the not knowing what tomorrow will bring only sometimes I catch myself imagining the worst! When I let my mind wander it tries to predict my future for me through daydreams and some of them are down right scary while others are filled with love & joy! I prefer the latter. This is why I love self hypnosis. It helps me train my mind to flow in a positive direction while I just lay back and listen.

I have three favorites that I use and Valerie Dawson is certainly one of them. She was the first to introduce me of the power of self hypnosis through creative visualizations in "The Hidden Secret" program which I still use to this day. Valerie's voice is so soothing it relaxes me instantly. I also believe that by using the same hypnotist, my subconscious will automatically accept this as truth because of the repetitious voice. That's just my theory and what I believe to be true. It's like when talking to yourself… your mind picks up on the familiarity and believes everything you tell yourself. So watch out!

Well, lucky for me Valerie has created so many programs it is hard for me to keep up. I recently discovered her "Money Magnet Meditations" since it's all about money for me these days… Here is the review:

Money Magnet Meditations Review

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