Tap O’ The Morning With Brad Yates

I plan to make this my new morning ritual. I just discovered it this morning and have decided to use it for thirty days and thirty nights because yes, I found Tap O’ The Evening video too (you will easily find them both below) as you read on.

My EFT knowledge is still growing, though I’ve had an interest in it since 2005! Still pretty much of what I know is that it releases negative energy from our bodies and that has to be a positive in achieving anything we wish to achieve. With that being said I wanted to post it here to make it easy to share with you! Now, let’s just do it…

Now for the evening…

I really love his videos and will probably post many more in the future which reminds me… remember this one?

Money Beyond Belief created by Brad Yates and Joe Vitale.

Click Here To Remove Negative Beliefs About Money

Tap away and have a great day!

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  3. Pam says:

    This would certainly help you accomplish that! 🙂

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