Introducing The “Wealth Trigger”!

By Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

This one is very new and very interesting!

 Two of the leading experts in the self help industry have come together to create "The Wealth Trigger"! Dr. Joe Vitale has teamed up with Steven G. Jones to bring us a systematic approach to altering our mind sets and negative beliefs towards money. This program launched April 12, 2011. That was less than two weeks ago! I'm pretty sure that is why it can be bought for only $39 for now…

I feel certain you've heard of Joe Vitale from "The Secret".

He has made many guest appearances on talk shows and written over fifty self help books! Did you know Joe was once flat broke and homeless? Probably, since this is his claim to fame. Joe has been trying to give back in every way possible in order to help others achieve their dreams and live a life full of abundance!

Attracting wealth (and just about anything else a person could desire) is something that Joe has been teaching people for over 20 years.

Steve G. Jones is world renown hypnotist to the stars!

Steve is a bestselling author with over 25 years of experience in hypnosis and has worked with celebrities and Hollywood actors all across the world including Danny Bonaduce and Tom Mankiewicz (the writer of Superman the movie).

He has been featured on TruTv and NBC and currently owns over 4,000 hypnosis products; the largest in the world.

He also has a Doctorate in Education and a Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology which means he's not only a MASTER of his craft but he has a very deep understanding of how people learn.

You may remember him from one of my earlier post where he teams up with Brad Yates to create "Confidence Beyond Belief". Yes, it seems we've come full circle here. First we had Joe and Brad create "Money Beyond Belief". Then Brad and Steve  created "Confidence Beyond Belief" and now we have Joe and Steve creating the "Wealth Trigger".

What the "Wealth Trigger" teaches you are the three most powerful secrets you could ever know about attracting wealth, money and abundance.

These secrets are not theories or "myths" about what might work. They are time-tested, proven steps (that when combined in a certain way) WILL result in more wealth, money, riches and financial freedom than you could ever imagine.

Click Here!

"How To Become Rich Using Only A Few Simple 'Mind Hacks' Guaranteed…" 

guarunteeOf course all of these programs come with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain here!

Basically, this program offers you a total transformation of those negative, limiting beliefs you have about money on a cellular level and reformat them into more empowering beliefs through your subconscious mind. 

A proven formula for attracting wealth using the Law of Attraction the Power of Hypnosis.

Before we go any further, realize that there's a big difference between just reformatting your subconscious mind so you can be open to attraction vs. reformatting it and then ACTUALLY attracting what you want.

When you can do both of those things, you've activated what is known as the Wealth Trigger.

Once the Wealth Trigger has been activated, everything changes.

Not only does one begin to attract money and wealth but it happens effortlessly and they also begin to attract anything RELATED to money and wealth as well such as resources, opportunities and relationships.

Click Here To Learn More>>>

I'm ordering mine today while the price is still just $39!

Update T0 This Post 6/13/2011

I did order this one and have been using it for a few weeks now…

I finished writing a review of  The Wealth Trigger last night!

Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to take my time so that I could offer you a completely honest review with as many details as possible. I decided to call it the "Wealth Trigger Report" since that is what I did. I reported the facts as I saw them…

You can read The Wealth Trigger Report  simply clicking on the link below:

The Wealth Trigger Report

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