Honest and Personal Yoga Burn Review

I have been practicing yoga for years, but I am no expert, by any means. This summer I planned to really push myself and get my body back in shape. My belly was the main area I needed to work on. Soon as I turned 52, menopause kicked in, and my body started to shift. Shortly after that, I had a belly!

Then I heard that stress causes your belly to bloat, so I immediately got more involved with my yoga practices. This did help reduce my stress levels, but showed no evidence of a belly reduction. I’m now 54, and I decided to get tough this year by adding 30 minutes of Pilates to my 30-minute yoga sessions during summer break, but instead, I got lucky and found Yoga Burn. It's Yoga combined with Pilates!

I must add that this is the first exercise program I actually enjoy doing! It is a much faster pace than I am use to, but I love how challenging that is, and the quick pace also makes time go by faster. Seriously, fifteen minutes feels more like five, and 45 minutes seems like maybe thirty?!

How it works:

Yoga Burn is composed of three phases designed to challenge you and ensure you continue to make progress each month. Each phase includes an introduction video along with three workout videos. Each workout is 15 minutes, but is repeated three times for a total of 45 minutes. By doing three repetitions of the same routine, it is much easier to catch on.  Having three different workouts during each phase ensures that you are progressing, and also gives you variety, so you never feel stuck in the same routine.

There’s also some bonus videos to help learn all the poses, and some extra practices, like the Tranquility Flow video, which is my favorite. This one is perfect at the end of a long day to relieve stress and feel good about yourself. Also, helps you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

You stay in each phase for a month, then progress to the next phase, so you continue to elevate your workout, while keeping everything new. When you enter into phase three, you will have reached the Master course, which allows you to get the maximum workout in the least amount of time.

How it worked for me:

I was a little confused at first, and still finding my way around. Reading Zoe-Bray’s emails helped to answer most of my questions. I guess you should repeat the same routine for 45 minutes, but sometimes I like to mix them up. For the bare minimum, just choose any of the three workouts, and stick with it for 45 minutes. Rinse and repeat 3-4 times a week.

Okay, so I’m not so good at following directions, and I don’t always do what I’m told. I started out strong, I know, because I kept a journal that first week. Now, I am much better than I thought I would be, but because I’m I am a bit of a perfectionist, I decided to stay in phase one for two months instead of just one. There were a few poses I had trouble with, but I am improving now, and I look forward to starting phase two this week. Sometimes I also cheat, and only do 30 minutes. I fall short on time and these workouts really make me sweat a lot!

The End Result:

I am so happy with program; it is my favorite by far! I feel healthy, happy, energized, and more flexible than before. My knees no longer hurt and my backaches are few. I use to have constant back pain, and my legs were as stiff as my knees. I don’t have a scale, and never weigh myself, but my clothes are loosening up. AND, the best part is, my belly is almost gone!

I’ll be starting phase two this week, and will let you know how that goes. Until then, you should try Yogaburn for yourself. Feel free to comment any questions you may have. I would really love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s the link:

Click Here To Go Directly To Yoga Burn

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