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Wieght Loss and the Law of Attraction


Unconventional method to dieting. No pills, no strenuous workouts, no counting calories, and you do not have to starve yourself either! Lose weight while increasing your happiness. Just simply do more of the things you already enjoy and maybe try some new activities.
You don't know what you like until you try it!
I have successfully maintained my weight for over forty years and I now know how I was able to do that. I don't think about dieting… I just keep busy doing all that I enjoy doing! I eat everything I want when I want it. Though I must admit I have always enjoyed fresh, wholesome foods rather than processed 'junk' food. I gave up meat five years ago and haven't really missed it. It was a choice I made based on my need to improve myself in any way possible. I do enjoy fish, pasta, fruit, cheese, sweets and of course veggies! I just wanted a healthier life style and taking care of my body becomes more important to me as the years go by. 
Freinds and family have been constantly asking me to share my 'secret' over the years. They watch how I devour all the food I can and still wear a size two clothing. Same size, same weight since high school! I could never explain it, even though I wanted too?! Lately, I've been paying more attention and really want to write a book so I can share all that I discover with everyone. Obviously, this is one area I do know about!
I also enjoy getting proper excercise though I don't go to a gym. I keep active with my work amongst other activities I enjoy doing. I like yoga, aerobics, swimming, tennis, riding a bike and walking. Really love to take my walks! Not only for excercise, but it clears my head and just feels good. However, there are plenty of activities I don't enjoy, so I don't do them. Are you still with me? Dieting by force causes stress and you could actually gain weight by doing so! Focusing on not eating will make you hungrier. If you think you have to excercise, count calories, watch what you eat, etc. you are creating srtuggle by resistance. 
I found this video and seems to make perfect sense as to what I'm talking about here. Maybe you should just watch it…

What you think and feel inside creates your outer world.

If this appeals to you I have a program that is guaranteed to help you in achieving success with your weight loss goals. 'Zero Resistance Weight Release' was created by Dr. Robert Anthony, you may recognize the name from "The Secret of Deliberate Creation". My personal favorite program!

Dr. Anthony has freed me from struggle in so many areas of life and I am so much better for it. His approach is very straight forward and he will only tell you the truth. He remains clear and precise in what he says and makes it so easy for me to understand. It's like he's right there with me and guiding me towards all that I want!

His  Zero Weight Release Program is currently on sale from June 7th – June 10th only.

Check it out for yourself here:

Zero Resistance Weight Release Summer Special

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