Attract More Love With “The Hidden Secret”

WARNING: Read this before using "The Hidden Secret" Attract More Love cd…

I did review The Hidden Secret some time ago… it was one of the first programs I actually bought into and I still use it to this day! For those who don't know…

The Hidden Secret is a set of six cd's which aid you with visualizations through self hypnosis. We can create whatever we want for ourselves through our subconscious mind. It is one million times more powerful than our conscious minds, but the law of attraction works best when both our conscious and unconscious minds work together towards a common goal.

This is why The Hidden Secret makes perfect sense. By simply relaxing and listening to Valerie's soothing voice for 15 minutes a day you are programming your subconscious mind to work in alignment with your desires and manifest them quickly and easily.

I have found great success with Attract Wealth and Money. That is my favorite and one I listen to most often. I also experienced great pleasure with Attract More Joy & Happiness. However, I just recently began using Attact More Love and really felt I should warn you in regards to this one! I had just ended a twelve year relationship which had already shown signs of passing long, long time ago. As the new year unfolded I realized I was hanging on to memories of the past and it was time to move on and experience new memories. That I did!

After only a couple of weeks of listening to Attract More Love I gained several new admirers at once. This was very pleasing to me as I was thrilled to have so much attention from male suitors, only I wasn't quite ready for it. It was like I was playing a game and lost touch with the reality that these are real people with real feelings. They were not toys! I got so caught up with being wined and dined that I lost sight of and maybe even afraid of what I really wanted… LOVE. My ego had a big play in that. Our egos live in the past and thinks they are protecting us. I would not allow myself to love any of them until one day… it happened.

I found myself in love, only it was too late. He was right there the whole time being patient, caring, understanding, supportive, loving and handsome. OMG, was he handsome! Still, I had no clue of how much I loved him til he got tired afterall.

Don't do what I did. Know what you want and be ready to recieve it!

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