The Law of Attraction and You

The best teacher in the “Law of Attraction” is you. Without a doubt, it is you; you’re true self that is…the part of you that is indeed connected to the source. Your true self knows all, and is there to help you every second of every day. All you need to do is ask. This is what “The Law of Attraction” teaches us, to become one with not only ourselves, but with God, and/ or the Universe. We are all connected not only to it, but to each other.

Still, we have so many teaching us this. Why? To make us aware, awareness of a better life; the life we should be living. That really is all they can do. It is then up to you, on how to use this knowledge. We are all connected, yet we all differ to some degree. What works for Jack cannot be understood by Jane. That is why there are so many different programs and teachers. It takes time to make the necessary adjustments. This usually does not happen overnight, or from reading one book.

So many articles, books, websites, programs, coaches, mentor, etc. They all have their own twist on the subject. Take for example, “The Secret” verses “The Power of Now” verses “Law of Attraction”. Eckhart calls it awakening, Esther Hicks is channeled by the non – physical intelligence, and “The Secret” has a group of Masters sharing their knowledge (own personal beliefs). They are all talking about the same thing, though each personality brings their own set of ideas, which are their own thoughts, composed of what worked best for them. However, they all share in the same common goal, which is to bring awareness to others; to the world. I guess once you finally get it, you are so elated with life, you wish for everyone to experience such a feeling.

I have read so many books on this subject; I cannot even begin to mention them all. It started in the year 2000, when I became disappointed with life. I felt it had let me down, even though I was the one who created such life (a mess, in other terms). By not taking accountability in the first place is how everything just continued to get worse for me. Life was one train wreck after another%u2026I knew there had to be a better way, and I was determined to find it!

So I began reading. Reading everything I could get my hands on to make sense of this. All these great books introduced me to The Universal Laws, and I am forever grateful to each and every one of them. I finally found what I was searching for, and it all made the most perfect sense! Yes, I could easily see how and why life had taken such a turn for the worse. I created these happenings with my thoughts! I have that much power, only I didn’t know it. I could hear myself saying things like “I always end up with the wrong job”, or “I always get bad hair cuts”, “I attract all the wrong men”, you know what I mean…by repeating these negative thoughts, subconsciously, I turned them into beliefs, and then they became my reality. Ugh! Now I needed to reverse this vicious cycle.

Reading alone was not enough, I needed more. I invested in one program after the other, made a vision board, recited positive affirmations, tried several meditation programs, and oh yeah, self hypnosis programs as well. I ended up starting my own blog where I could offer reviews of the programs I liked best.

Now I have a job I love! One that excites me, I feel very good about, is joyful, highly motivating, creative, and best of all it allows me to help others. That is the best feeling…which is why I understand the reason for all these great books and programs. We are all connected, and by helping each other, you just feel good!

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