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I'm currently thirty nine years of age (my virtual age… I took a test!), so this could be quite lengthy. The plan is to write my life story. To be perfectly honest I have no idea of how this will turn out. It was strongly suggested to me by my blog mentor, Yaro Starak and he is usually right! So after spending weeks of whether or not I should do this, I decided to just DO IT! So now I'm about to publicly expose myself. Yeah, this should be good…

Fortunately, I do not wish to write it all at once. I have decided it would be best for all if I were to break it up, bit by bit. Here is a look at what you will find when I do expose all of me. I plan to start from the beginning and work my way through to where I am now… you might consider this as some form of therapy. I'm hoping it helps me to discover my life's purpose!

In summary, I am sharing with you all I am learning or have learned regarding life and what it means to me. Mainly how I found myself on this spiritual path and how it relates to the law of attraction. Only time does tell…

Life Story:


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