A Christmas Story?

Abraham: SATAN AND SANTA – Esther & Jerry Hicks

I figured this would be a good way to bring in the holidays…

My way of sharing the love, the joy, the true spirit of Christmas. Consider this my Christmas card to all of you and have a Merry Christmas!

During a Law of Attraction workshop, Abraham – translated by Esther Hicks – responded to a father who was uncertain about how he should answer his daughter’s question – “Daddy, is there a Devil?”. In doing so, Abraham draws a surprising parallel between Satan and another bigger-than-life childhood figure, Santa Claus.

Recorded on April 18, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas.

For nearly 25 years Esther & Jerry Hicks have produced books, audio recordings and videos based on the Teachings of Abraham, and their latest book, entitled “The Vortex”, is currently on the New York Times bestseller list.

Esther explains that when she speaks for Abraham, she is interpreting blocks of thought from Non-Physical Source Energy – which she also sometimes identifies as her “Soul”. Esther doesn’t use the word “channeling” to describe her process, since she is not in a trance and is not hearing a voice in her head. Rather, she has trained herself to verbally interpret the same unerring Inner Guidance that is available to all of us.

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